Gangsta Walk Young Buck
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niggas really got beef in the comments section 🤣🤣

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Stop Making Music Bitch Yo Career Over Wit Mane Damn 🤦🏽♂️

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JugWitDaSack_ 16 days ago


deletedaccount 14 days ago

@jugwitDaSack_ nigga fuck off I’m tired of seeing yo punk ass nigga smh

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@JugwitDaSack_ you’re a pussy nigga you don’t want no smoke me and Shawn you ain’t playing with us bitch keep my name out of ya fucking Mouth and keep call me a ugly that why your profile look alike booty stracher African ugly ass nigga! I rather I’ll put yo ass down

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@_Sweetpea_ I promise you I will fuck you up I don’t play any no games on internet cuz you a bitch you need stop taking my stuff off my Instagram or Facebook you ain’t got no Facebook since I took yo ass a blocked list in 2017 cuz you been here like 2 years bitch you ain’t got no hobby or else get the fuck outta of here!

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fuck nigga

_SweetPea_ 18 days ago

Hoe nigga shut up

deletedaccount 18 days ago

@_Sweetpea_ you’re a faggot you need stay out of another man dick eating and you keep stealing my pic of me on your profile cuz you whole faggot me and my boy Shawn gonna find you and end you up for now I’m done talking to you chump you biggest of Pussy ever

JugWitDaSack_ 18 days ago

Damn that nigga Derrick Boyd ugly asf in yo profile picture sweet pea

deletedaccount 18 days ago

@JugWitdasack_ look at your profile cuz you’re a ugly too cuz you must be eating a booty stracher yourself dumb ass ^

ratassniggaderrick 18 days ago

this nigga derrick boyd 30 years old on this app harassing niggas cause he dont get no bitches 😭😭😭 nigga prolly still live wit his mama and still a virgin 😹

JugWitDaSack_ 18 days ago


deletedaccount 18 days ago

@Jpreme7k man fuck you I ain’t none harassing nobody you need stop lying on my face boy I will fuck you up I thought you didn’t dm me on my IG ya pussy ass nigga don’t be wasting my time G Fuck nigga

ratassniggaderrick 18 days ago

i only live 5 hours away from rahway so ill come stomp you out anytime fuck nigga send me the addy and imma slide thru tomorrow

deletedaccount 18 days ago

Nigga don’t come to my hood I will banned these niggas rest of ya life I don’t give a damn I’m not sending my addy on this app bitch ass nigga you not live 5 hour from Rahway get yo fake ass on ^

JugWitDaSack_ 17 days ago

He scared jpreme he ain’t about that life.

deletedaccount 17 days ago

@JugWitDaSack_ let me get my hand on you fuck nigga when I seen you in person I don’t give a fuck about it cuz you wasting my time post yo addy with your bitch ass nigga I’m tired of your ass right now so post your addy pussy ass

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Aye if he messing with a tranny that’s his business and we all know what happen to chingy 😂😂