Highway Young Buck
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I’m from the D(〽️)V and trying to blow up in 2020 🔮, so why not tune in before everyone else is 🤝📈. Even if it’s only 1 listen or follow all support is appreciated 🖤

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Nigga on da highway on his way too trannyville

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good looking buck on tha music

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real recognize real

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@_Sweetpea_ listen here dirt bag I’m tired of your ass behide that screen I don’t give a fuck about it nigga you don’t do shit you want tired beat my ass since you threats my fucking family you ain’t got no fucking life yourself you better keep mouth closed before you run your own I ain’t playing Lil nigga so PULL THE FUCK UP ON DM Instagram don’t be like a pussy!

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Fuck sweetpea and JUGWITDASACK_

_SweetPea_ 6 days ago

Nigga fuck everything you stand for. Onna set imma beat cho ass. I got my boy working on getting your location from your i.p address. It’s just a matter of time

deletedaccount 6 days ago

@_Sweetpea_ shut yo bitch ass up I don’t care what are you saying pussy ass nigga don’t let me catch you seek and attention under song and tapes take yo ass somewhere else bitch nigga!

deletedaccount 6 days ago

@_Sweetpea_ n!gger I ain’t scared of you for none cuz you ain’t getting my IP address you ain’t shit you need get yo ol ass facts right bitch nigga you ain’t got no friend or else take your sorry ass somewhere else keep my name outta of ya mouth pussy ass nigga

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Only gay niggas listen to buck

deletedaccount 8 days ago

Get yo bitch ass off this app

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Buck neva lost it ! He actually gets better and better ! But due to his personal life , his rap career is over ! He mite as well jus ghost write & get a bag

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